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Tips on Atlanta Wood Staining

Atlanta Wood StainingAre you considering Atlanta wood stains for interior or exterior uses? Doing stain work is deemed as the doctoral of painting as with wood staining, painting craft becomes an art. It usually takes several years of experience, patience, keen eye for color and knowledge of wood before someone can become an expert in producing custom and top quality finish.

Top-notch wood staining requires more skills than what most painters possess. Entrusting your Atlanta project to incompetent individuals can result in permanently damaged wood. With this kind of home improvement project, the skills and knowledge of a professional Atlanta wood staining contractor can be of great help.

Exterior Wood Staining

When speaking about exterior staining of wood, a lot of people are using the term “painting” even if it is far different from stain. With painting, the surface is being coated with a protective thin film while stains go through the wood. When applied properly wood stains do not blister or peel.

Semi transparent and transparent stains are ideal for good condition woods. These stains will enable the underlying grain to be seen. However, any discoloration or defect on the wood can also show through. Such stains can just be used on previously or newly stained wood.

Opaque stains look nearly like paint but only thinner. The same holds true with solid stains. Wood grain can be covered by both stains leaving the texture of the wood visible. Generally, solid stains are soft, therefore, they are not being recommended for deck floor staining. They last long in vertical surfaces though and can be applied over previously stained surfaces or painted ones.

While natural wood colors are commonly used, your options are not limited to that. These days, exotic stains for wood are great too. These include stain colors such as green, gray, blue and many other colors.

Interior Wood Staining

Staining staircases and kitchen cabinets can turn your home into a showcase. As possible, prevent yourself from getting tempted to paint real wood. Home design trends swing but the appeal of real wood can last forever. Transform the appearance of your wood into something sophisticated by changing its stain color and finish.

Raw wood can be compared to a blank canvas and so far, the simplest to work with. Finished wood though can be stripped down and refinished in your preferred color. You can even match wood stains to other pieces in your home for harmony. In fact, a professional Atlanta wood staining contractor can strip down painted surfaces to bare wood then have it stained and varnished to replenish its natural beauty.


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