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Think Spring Cleaning – Plan For Power Washing

Metro Atlanta Power WashingIn the midst of winter, it can be difficult to think ahead to the warmer weather. However, before you know it, spring will be upon us again and that means time to clean. There is nothing quite as refreshing as getting the home ready to invite in all the warm weather again.

While dusting and scrubbing components of the inside of your house is vital, let’s not forget about the exterior. Pressure washing plays an important role in being able to completely cleanse the outside of your home, including surfaces like walkways. But why is this so important?

Understanding the Benefits of Pressure Washing After Winter

When cold weather comes to an end and the first flowers begin to bloom, it is time to take stock of any damage or mess Old Man Winter left behind. Of course, the severity of the aftermath depends on how harsh a winter we had here in Atlanta. Yet no matter how mild, some common messes that pressure washing can help remedy are:

Your driveway and walkways are almost always made of concrete, a porous surface. That means when snow melts, it drains dirt down with it, right into those crevices. All that dirty snow may have melted away, but now its left a dingy looking sidewalk underneath. Pressure washing can get into those grooves and force trapped dirt right out.

Unless you scheduled house washing right before winter started, more than likely your exterior had some dirt, dust and other organic debris on it. Before snow and ice, it probably wasn’t that noticeable. Yet, once the thaw happens, the dirt shows all the streaks where melting snow rain down the side. You can’t help but see it now, and it is likely the first thing anyone will notice about your home’s exterior – until it’s cleaned off.

It can be especially important to power wash your deck, or other wood surfaces. Your exterior is subjected to the harshest of the elements, during winter months. A constant state of moisture is conducive to mildew and mold growth. Being able to quickly wash away any fungus that has begun to grow during this time is essential for the prevention of rot.

Fast & Friendly Help is on The Way

One call does it all, and Oakcliff Painting, Inc., your painting service team, will be there for you. For over 20 years now, our team has been providing service excellence for our clients. Plan now for your spring cleaning, including a thorough and safe, but effective, power washing from us.

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