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Exterior Painting Tips Industry Pros Use

House PaintingLet’s be honest, exterior painting is not something that you should attempt to take on as a do-it-yourself project. There is a lot of work involved, aside from just the paint application, and it can end up being a dangerous job. Plus, do you really want to invest the money into buying all those supplies and finding a place to store them, just for a job you do once every few years? You need professional house painting!

The point of sharing these tips with you is so you can gauge what level of professional you hire for your Atlanta house painting service needs. You may even want to ask about their process and if they implement any of these techniques; it could end up helping you choose the right painter, or at least weed out any unworthy ones.

What You Need to Know About  House Painting

So what is it you should know so you can make sure that your professional painter is taking care of the job the way that they should be? It is a good idea to address exterior repair needs as they arise. However, they must certainly be addressed before you apply a new coat of paint. Some examples of this include blistering, peeling, cracking, missing caulking, holes, etc. Prepping the surface is actually one of the biggest parts of the job, which is what most homeowners don’t realize before attempting to DIY a project.

It is common to use both a roller brush and a paint brush. While the roller is great for coverage, the brush is ideal for edges and other areas that would be otherwise tricky to paint.

It is a good idea to paint starting from the top, down. This will help to correct drips as the painter goes. It is also a wise choice to start painting in the shade. When paint is applied to surface areas heated by the sun, it causes the paint to dry too quickly, causing the inability to stick which means blistering.

There are, of course, tricks for ladder safety as well. Your hired pro should know these and it is not something that you should worry yourself with. These precautions are something that will ensure the safety of whoever you hire to work on your house painting project. They are not steps you should concern yourself with because you should not take on this project yourself.

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